I am a full time family/newborn and portrait photographer.  I started this journey (like most others) as a hobby when my two daughters were younger, and like most newborn/children photographers, they were my main models.  I really grew a passion for capturing those huge milestones and then a friend suggested I should do photography professionally! So, I invested in a camera and off I went! Online courses, in person workshops, free photoshoots for friends and learning my camera inside and out. That was 13 years ago and I still get nervous before a session but that doesn’t seem to last long because once I started shooting … I’m relaxed and enjoying the moment!.
I love what I do and my daughters are still my main models.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to look at my website and for considering me to capture your families special moments. 

It is important to me that my clients feel comfortable before, during and after their session.
Communication is key and very important so that the client will know exactly what to expect when they arrive for their session, during their session and afterwards.

I understand that being in front of the camera isn’t easy or even natural; but I pride myself on making people feel comfortable while capturing moments they didn’t know were happening. 

My Approach

- Enjoy a sneak peak on the JSP FB page and or Instagram page (if you choose to) a day or two after your session.

- 1-2 weeks after your session enjoy your online gallery!

-Your online gallery will be emailed to you with a link, password and a PIN number to download in full resolution.

- Enjoy your final product.

- Print, share and enjoy your photos!  You deserve it!


- What are you wanting?

- Read the Do’s and Don’ts.

- Ask me questions in advance:
    • What to wear
    • Where should we go
    • What to expect


-The more relaxed you are during your session, the more fun you will have and the better your photos will be!

-Trust the process and know that I want to give you the best photos I can as soon as I can!



DO's & DON'Ts

Family Sessions

Thank you for trusting me to capture your family's most cherished moments. I will strive to make your session fun and relaxed as possible. You are investing in me and I will put all my effort into giving you more than you can expect.  
Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your session!

Plan ahead.
Research outfits that will flatter you and your family!
Dress up for the day!
 If you can, invest in a new shirt or dress (no need to break the bank but a little can go a long way!) or maybe get your hair done.
When you feel good about yourself, you will present yourself in a more confident way, you will be relaxed and the camera will love you!

Brainstorm ideas with me on locations or what you should wear. I always have locations I like to go too but I am always up for new ideas. And I LOVE to help with wardrobe ideas. Why only choose one outfit when you can choose two!

Don’t worry for weeks in advance and spend a fortune on what you will wear. (Unless you want too). More than likely, you will have everything you need in your closet. But - do plan ahead!

Coordinate, but don’t match.
(my motto - mix but don’t match)
Remember in the 90’s when everyone wore blue jeans and white t-shirts and all matched.  Don’t do that.

Neutral colours are best - no graphic shirts please.
 This takes away from the main subject, you!

Don’t forget about footwear!
 This is often overlooked and can make or break a photo.

Time is precious. Please try to be on time. I plan out your session based on travel time and your session time. The more time we have, the more photo’s you get!
** Please note that if you’re more than 15 minutes late, this could result in a cancelled session, loss of deposit and will need to reschedule. 

Trust me to get the best photos for you! It’s not always easy being in front of the camera but, put your trust in me that I will get you the most gorgeous photos for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

Tell me exactly how many people in your session. I plan your session days in advance and it can be hard when extra people show up. 

Please let me know if you have a certain photo idea in mind or if you are bringing a prop to use.  
I DON’T often imitate and I NEVER duplicate. But, I will try my best to do even better!

Please trust me, the one with the expensive camera to be the ONE and ONLY to take your photos during your session.
Having other people taking photos with other cameras or iPhones is really distracting and can sometimes be super discouraging.


Be prepared!
     - Have clean hair.
-No nail polish OR have manicured nails.

Discuss what you want and what you're looking for!
 Let’s brainstorm some fun ideas and think outside the box.

Please be ready before your session. 
Don’t shower 20 minutes before your session and have wet hair.
Coming to the session not ready could result in a cancellation. 

Be on time please!

You’re investing in beautiful images of yourself!
Respect the process. 

Please trust me, the one with the expensive camera to be the ONE and ONLY to take your photos during your session. Having other people taking photos with other cameras or iphones is really distracting and can sometimes be super discouraging. 


Let's think outside the box and have some fun! A few details before we start...


NEWBORN Sessions

Thank you for choosing me to capture your most precious bundle of joy! I will aim to provide you the most gorgeous photos for you to cherish for years to come. 
The session will be 2-3 hours depending on the baby. I give plenty of time for feeding, changing, relaxing and just being comfortable as much as we can. 

Try to keep the baby as active as possible up to an hour before you arrive. This would be a good time for a bath as we want the baby to be nice and cozy and sleepy during their session. 

Plan to feed the baby right before you leave.

Try to dress the baby in loose fitting clothing that will be easy to change when you arrive. This includes the diaper as we want as little marks on the skin as possible. 

To ensure the comfort for the baby, the studio will be toasty warm! Please, mom and dad, dress lightly. 

Please bring what the baby will need during the session:
-Formula if bottle fed
-Soothers for comfort
-Blankets for in between time
-Snacks for yourself
-A book or something relaxing to pass time

Please trust me, the one with the expensive camera to be the ONE and ONLY to take your photos during your session. Having other people taking photos with other cameras or iphones is really distracting and can sometimes be super discouraging. 

Please respect that this is a small studio meant mainly for newborns only or small families. If young siblings are joining, we may break up the session into two parts to accommodate the little ones. 

** Please note that only the mom, dad and children are to be present during the session. I simply do not have the space for other family members or friends. If more people join without my consent, this could result in a cancelled session and loss of deposit. 


If you have any questions about how I work, or want to know more about my process for photography sessions,
don't hesitate to reach out!!



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